Light Drilling Rig LWP16


Wiertnica lekka LWP16

Drilling rig LWP16 - the geological drilling rig is used to make vertical bores by means of the following methods:
- dry auger drilling
- core bit drilling

The topic machine is able to make holes ø160mm, 15m depth on the average ground conditions. Drilling rig LWP16 is mounted on a light two-wheel trailer and is a perfect machine for geological drilling works. Machine is drive with hydraulic power pack AH26-II type.

Technical data

WEIGHT kg 210
Length x width x hEIGHT m 2200x1120x900
Working temperature mm -10÷38
Drilling diameter maxx mm 160
Drilling depth m 15
Rotary head
Torque daNm 80
Revolutions revs 70
Rotary head travel
Travel mm 1400
Pull-in force kN 10
Pull-out force kN 20
Hydraulic power packtypeAH26-II
Power engine kW/rev 9.9 / 3600
Efficiency (for 3000 revs - Pump I) l/min 22
Pressure max (Pump I) MPa 16
Efficiency (for 3000 revs - Pump II) l/min 10
Pressure max (Pump II) MPa 16



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