Heavy stroke probe WSU63


Sonda udarowa WSU-63

Stroke probe WSU-63 type is designed for ground examination with the following dynamic methods:

  • DPL light probe
  • DPM medium probe
  • DPH heavy probe
  • DPSH very heavy probe

Basing on Polish Standard PN-B-04452:2002 "Geotechnology - field examination"

Impact probe can also be mounted on a wheeled cart or, for example on a light trailer. Model to determine the order.

Technical data


Sonda udarowa WSU-63 - dane techniczne

Technical data

TypeDPL lightDPM mediumDPH heavyDPSH very heavy
Hammer weight [kg]10305063,5
Hammer travel [mm]500500500750
Diameter of the striking element [mm]100125125125
Weight of the striking element [mm]5,9121212
Total weight [kg]75100120133,5
Pole diameter [mm]22323232

  • Oil supply to drive WSU-63 unit: 10l/min
  • Pressure 5 MPa
  • Hammer lifting chain mechanism
  • Equipment: Strokemeter to count required stroke number depending on required depth




Sonda udarowa WSU-63 - zastosowania

  1. stroke probe WSU-63 mounted on drilling rig H30SM
  2. stroke probe WSU-63 mounted on drilling rig MWG-6
  3. hydraulic jack for pulling the drilling rod out
  4. support clamp


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