Piling equipment OBW 1251 type


Osprzęt do bezkafarowego wbijania OBW 1251 w pozycji roboczej

Unit "OBW 1251" type is used to drive profiles and Larsen type walls. Maximum weight of profiles up to 2000 kg. Device interacted with crane of capacity 80 kN, is drived by hydraulic power pack.

Technical data

Osprzęt do bezkafarowego wbijania OBW 1251 - rysunek techniczny

Technical data

Weight of equipment (including hammer)3933 kg
Weight of complete system4317 kg
Hydraulic system pressure16 MPa
Engine power rating8,08 kW
Hammer raise speed7 m/min
Length5250 mm
Width1190 mm
Height772 mm
Hit frequency40-60 min
Type of diesel engine hammerMS 1251


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