Diesel engine hammer type WMS-12


Wysokoprężny młot spalinowy WMS-12
Technical data

Diesel engine hammer is used to drive in reinforced concrete piles, steel fences GZ-4, G-62 type or steel pipes. Range of pile diameter: from 300 do 600 mm, length up to 12 m and weight up to 4000 kg.

Piles and steel fences may be drive vertically or with angle max. 240.

Hammer WMS-12 needs for work: pile driver, self-propelled crane or excavator with crane equipment.

Technical data

Technical data

Weight of complete hammer 2560 kg
Weight of the ram 1250 kg
Height of raise the ram

1800 mm
2600 mm
Working stroke of the ram 1600 mm
Cylinder diameter 300 mm
Compression degree 13-14
Fuel type Diesel oil
Fuel consumption

6 kg/h
9 kg/h
Hit frequency 40-60 1/min


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