Piston-vacuum pump (dewatering pump) PTP65E / PTP65S type


Pompa tłokowo-próżniowa PTP65E i PTP65S

Piston-vacuum pump is universal unit used to reduce soil water level, adapted to all type of soil. The construction is simple and strong, assure high durability and very high efficiency.

Depending on type of soil, pump operates with 40 to 100 needle-filters and with 40 to 300 metres of suck lines. Pump creates vacuum up to 9,6 metre and may suck in: air, water, mixture of water with air.

Pump PTP 65 is produced in two versions:

  • PTP 65E type - with electric engine drive
  • PTP 65S type - with fuel engine drive

Standard pump is mounted on the stationary sleigh, but there is a possibility to mount it on the mobil chassis.

The operation of pump

Pompa tłokowo-próżniowa PTP65E i PTP65S - zasada działania

Wellpoint installation

Wellpoint installation

Pompa tłokowo-próżniowa PTP65E i PTP65S

  1. pump PTP-65
  2. collector's elastic link
  3. sucking collector
  4. three-way adaptor
  5. knee
  6. wellpoint's elastic link
  7. wellpoint
  8. elastic wellpoint
  9. stopper
  10. pipe

Dewatering of the open trench using wellpoint installation

Idea odwadniania wykopu otwartego za pomocą igłofiltów

Advantages of the pump

  • sucking of water, air and water-air mixture
  • sucking from a depth of 9,6m
  • pulsating operation to prevent weelpoints clogging [picture]
  • extremely high efficiency
  • high reliability
  • simple and strong construction
  • minimal maintenance

Technical data

Dewatering pump

Pompa tłokowo-próżniowa PTP65E i PTP65S

Technical data

Type of pump PTP-65 E PTP-65 S
Max. water flow intensity 65 m3/h 65 m3/h
Max. air flow intensity 65 m3/h 65 m3/h
Vacuum height 9,6 m 9,6 m
Suck height 20 m 20 m
Diameter of suck link 133 mm 133 mm
Diameter of pressure link 133 mm 133 mm
Main drive
- engine type
- engine power rating
- revolutions
Sg 132 S4
5,5 kW
1450 revs/min
Fuel (diesel)
Kubota Diesel
6,3 kW
1800 revs/min
Weight of pump 950 kg 980 kg
Fuel consumption ------- 1,3 dm3/h
Fuel type - diesel oil
Fuel tank capacity - 5,5 L (15L)
Weight 880 kg 880 kg
Guaranteed sound power level (according to PN-EN ISO 3744 96 dBA 110 dBA



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