Fuel engine hoisting winches for cables


Fuel engine hoisting winches of WS type are designed for pulling power engineering and telecommunication cables with the use of wire rope, and for renovation works at sewage pipelines.

The winches are made on wheel chassis equipped with overruning brakes. The winch main drive is fuel engine which powers a hydraulic pump, supplying all the winch mechanisms.

The main subassemblies of the winches are:

  • rope drum which stores wire rope (400-600 m of rope)
  • rope reel
  • friction gear (capstan)
  • control and measurement system (measuring rope pulling force and rope length)
  • suport legs for abutment of winch frame against the ground
  • telescopic extension arm for inserting winch rope into cable vault
  • hydraulic system of steering, which enables stapless adjustment of demanded winch pull force and of rope reeling and unreeling speed

Each winch can be additionally equipped with a rope pull force recorder.

Technical data

Technical data

Type of winch WS-21 WS-31 WS-50 WS-100 WS-200
Max. winch pull force 0-20 kN 0-30 kN 0-50 kN 0-100 kN 0-200 kN
Max. rope
drawing speed
21 m/min 28 m/min 20 m/min 10 m/min 10 m/min
Rope diameter 8 mm 9 mm 14 mm 16 mm 22 mm
Rope length 600 m 600 m 500 m 500 m 350 m


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