Urządzenia do mikrotunelowania

Microtunnelling is a technology for horizontal steered drilling, which equipped with self-propelled hydraulic installation tubes are pushed through the chamber embedded in pushing home station.

The laser beam controlls the drills track, observed on the monitor by the operator of drilling equipment. Operation control is from the steering position located above the chamber start.

First part of the drilling head can be tilted within a few degrees from the axis of the tube follower circuit so that drilling can be readily corrected.

Drill head is made of a rotary blade and crusher excavation output. Transportation of excavated material is realized by means of drilling mud.

Dane techniczne

tunelowanie_fotka_1.jpgUrządzenie do mikrotunelowaniaUrządzenie do mikrotunelowania

Technical data

drilling diameters980 mm, 1120 mm1295 mm, 1725 mm
nominal length150 m200 m
Starting chamber:
  • length
  • width
  • 6500 mm
  • 3000 mm
  • 6500 mm
  • 4000 mm
transportation of excavated materialwashingwashing
control of the direction of drillinglaserlaser
tilt controlabout 3 degreesabout 3 degrees
drivehydraulic exhaust unithydraulic exhaust unit
engine power110 kW130 kW
mass48 600 kg60 000 kg

Microtunneling technology

Technologia mikrotunelowania

  • wheelhouse
  • hydraulic unit
  • excavation shield
  • pivoting member control
  • optical detector
  • mud pump
  • drill pipes
  • pipe jacking installation
  • pushing station
  • laser

From the construction site

ustawianie głowicy wiercącej na stacji pchającej w komorze startowej
setting the drilling head on the pushing station in the starting chamber



wiercenie i wciskanie przeciskowych rur instalacyjnych (Hobas)
drilling and pressing jacking conduit (Hobas)



kontrola parametrów wiercenia na monitorze w sterówce
control of drilling parameters on the monitor in the wheelhouse



wyjście głowicy wiercącej w komorze końcowej
drilling head exit on the final chamber



przygotowanie do wyciągania głowicy po zakończonym przewiercie
preparing to pull the head after the completion of drilling



wyciąganie głowicy wiercącej
drawing of drilling head

drill diameter of 980 mm
and length 150 m compleated successfuly


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